The Penomet Premium Package Is the One to Buy

The Penomet pump is available in three different packages. The “Premium Package” is the most expensive, costing $297. But it comes with everything, including all the gaiters.

You can only purchase the Premium Package at

The gaiters are very important. These rubber rings control the amount of pressure created by the Penomet. Each gaiter is a different color and each color represents a different pressure.

The purple ring, for example, exerts the least amount of pressure. Using this gaiter is a great way to get used to pumping. If you start off with too much pressure, your penis might get sore.

The Premium Package is the only package to come with the purple gaiter. For most beginners, pumping can be a little intimidating. It’s comforting to start with the easy-going purple gaiter.

Premium Package Gaiters

Of course, the goal of pumping is to work your way up to the higher-pressure gaiters, particularly the red “extreme force” gaiter.

Most successful users of the Penomet report that the red gaiter is the one that produces the most results.

Again, the Premium Package is the only package to come with the red gaiter. And it’s probably the most important one!

That’s why the Premium Package is the one to buy, despite the expense. You’ll have the full array of gaiters at your disposal. You can start slowly and then build up to the “extreme force” red gaiter.

Premium Hydropump Package
Penomet Premium Package

The cheapest package is called the “Standard”. This only comes with one gaiter. What’s the point? You’ll just have to buy more gaiters separately, and they’re expensive because they’re made of medical grade silicon.

The next package, called the “Extra”, comes with more gaiters, but again, it doesn’t come with the lowest pressure gaiter (the purple one) or the “extreme force” gaiter (the red one).

Yes, the Penomet Premium Package is expensive. And nobody wants to waste that kind of money. The thing is—you won’t waste your money! Here’s why:

If you buy the Premium Package and don’t like it, you have up to 60 days to return it and get a full refund. Nothing is lost.

And if you buy the Premium Package and use it to successfully enlarge your penis, well, that’s money well spent, wouldn’t you say?

There is no “wasting your money” in either of these scenarios.

Ultimately, the Premium Package gives you the best chance of successfully enlarging your penis. Why even bother putting in the time, effort, and expense of buying and using the Penomet pump if you’re not going to give yourself the best chance?

The Premium Package also comes with something else that seems trivial but is also important—a shower strap.

This strap goes around your shoulder and can support the weight of the Penomet while you’re in the shower (the preferred place to use a hydropump).

A plastic cylinder filled with water can get heavy after a while. If it’s too heavy you’ll stop pumping before you should, because your arm will get tired. With the strap taking the weight, there’s no limit to how long you can pump. The more, the better.

The shoulder strap is another example of how the Premium Package gives you the best chance of being successful in your quest to make your penis bigger.

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