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This is the story of how I came to be such a fan of the Penomet penis pump.

I started out with an average-sized penis. Nothing wrong with that. But the thought of adding an extra inch or two really appealed to me. And being the kind of guy who likes to test things out, I bought a Bathmate. I didn’t know anything about Penomet at the time.

Anyway, I used the Bathmate regularly. I pumped for five days a week—for 38 weeks. Every week I measured myself to see if this thing actually worked.

It took 10 whole weeks to finally see some growth. I went from 5.6 inches to 5.7 inches. Not much, but enough to keep me pumping.

By the end of 38 weeks I had only grown another tenth of an inch—I couldn’t seem to make it past 5.8 inches.

Here’s a graph of my progress from my record keeping:

Bathmate Results

I mean, any growth is nice, but it seemed like a lot of time and effort for such small gains.

Right around then I learned about the Penomet pump, which works a lot like the Bathmate. My progress had stalled with the Bathmate, so I decided to try the Penomet out.

Like I said, I like to test and compare things. And here was a chance to see how the Penomet compared to Bathmate.

For direct comparison, I decided to use the Penomet for 38 weeks—the same amount of time I had used the Bathmate for. And once again I pumped consistently five days a week.

I started at 5.8 inches. But whereas it took 10 weeks to see any growth at all with the Bathmate, I added an extra tenth of an inch within only 3 weeks using the Penomet pump.

For reasons that I don’t even fully understand, I gained much more using the Penomet. By the end of 38 weeks I was up to 6.5 inches! Incredible!

So, I only gained 2/10’s of an inch with Bathmate, and 7/10’s of an inch with Penomet in the same amount of time.

Here’s a graph of my results with Penomet:

Penomet Results

Maybe the Bathmate would work better for you. Who knows? I can only tell you my personal experience with the two products.

I guess a larger lesson is that these types of penis pumps really do work to permanently enlarge penises.

It’s not necessary to have a huge penis. Many women don’t even want that. But of course, size matters, up to a point. It’s better to have 7 inches than 6 inches. And 6 inches is better than 5 inches.

As far as using a penis pump, it might take a little time, but when you start to actually see results, you’ll be inspired to keep on pumping. Some men get addicted to pumping and I can sort of see why. Just remember—it’s not all about the size of your penis!

The makers of Penomet allow you 60 days to try out their product. You should see at least some results by then. But if you don’t, you can return the product and get a full refund.

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