Penomet Before and After Results with Pictures

The Penomet website, which you can find at, claims that men should expect to gain between 1 and 3 inches using the Penomet penis pump. They also say that users should expect a 30% increase in girth, or width.

Seeing is believing, and here are some before and after photos taken by men who have used the Penomet pump to permanently enlarge their penis.

That’s right, these results are permanent. For a long time, penis pumps just enlarged the penis temporarily. Then Penomet introduced a new, innovative design that allowed men to pump using very precise pressure.

Being able to control the pressure was a game-changer. This meant that pumping was safe enough to do everyday, resulting in permanent gains.

Can you imagine having a penis that is even one whole inch longer, let alone two or three inches? Just put a ruler next to your penis and see how much bigger that is.

Having a significantly larger penis will change your whole approach to sex. Your confidence will go through the roof. It might be only one inch of penis, but the psychological effect is immense!

And don’t underestimate the important of girth, or penis width. Women have reported that width is even more important than length when it comes to pleasure.

The Penomet will enlarge your penis proportionally. It will get both longer and wider. That’s because this pump uses water to create a vacuum instead of air.

Air can create an uneven pressure, which might affect one part of your penis more than another. (You don’t want a misshapen penis!)

Using water to create a vacuum results in a very even and consistent pressure. Technically, Penomet is a Hydropump, or water-based. It’s a big improvement over air-based penis pumps.

The Penomet is also famous for its “Gaiter System”. Gaiters are rubber rings that you attach to the pump. Each ring is a different color, and each color represents a different amount of pressure.

First, you start off with the purple ring. This one creates the least amount of pressure. It’s absolutely safe to use for beginners.

As your penis gets used to being pumped, you can create more pressure with the next gaiter, which I believe is blue.

The precision of the Gaiter System is what makes Penomet so safe and effective.

Penomet before and after

Even if you have an average-sized penis, you can still use the Penomet to make yourself well above average. If you add an inch or two, just see what a difference it makes when you’re having sex.

And see how women react. Size does matter, after all!

Having a bigger penis makes intercourse feel a lot better. If your penis is bigger, the opening it goes into will seem smaller and tighter. More friction will be created, which results in more pleasure—for both you and your partner.

The key is to get through the first month or two of pumping. Once you start to see your new “after” penis, you’ll begin to wonder how you ever put up with your old “before” penis.

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