What are Sexual Aphrodisiacs?

captagon tablets

Four Turkish drug smugglers have recently been publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia for trading in Captagon tablets. Captagon is an amphetamine and is to many Arabs what powdered rhinoceros horn, seals’ penises, or tiger testes are to the Far Eastern market–-a potent aphrodisiac. Seventy other Turks have been also arrested.

The irony is that it is unlikely that Captagon, which is unobtainable in Britain, has any greater aphrodisiac power than other amphetamines.

Because of the potentially serious side-effects of amphetamines, and as a result of the frequency with which these drugs were abused, their medical use is now very restricted. Amphetamines are only regularly prescribed for those who suffer narcolepsy, an abnormal and irresistible desire to sleep, and paradoxically for the treatment of overactive children.

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Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants; those who take them become fast talking, elated, lose their shyness and may notice that their libido (sexual drive) has changed to a greater extent than could be explained solely by the loss of inhibitions. However amphetamines, like alcohol, may increase desire but decrease ability and thus are often associated with impotence.

rhinoceros horn

The search for aphrodisiacs is as old as history. If aphrodisiacs, like rhinoceros horn, work it can only be because of the confidence inspired by their visual image.

Even penis pumps, such as the Penomet pump, look like penises. The same subconscious association presumably accounts for the reputation of food such as oysters, shellfish or asparagus.

Traditionally, coriander and other herbs and plants, including garlic and onion, are regarded as having an aphrodisiac action. It is possible that garlic and onion may be of some benefit; garlic can create a sense of wellbeing, and onions were used to treat genito-urinary diseases.

Ginseng, the dried root of the plant Panax ginseng, has a reputation as a tonic, antidepressant and sexual restorative but chemically its action is more oestrogenic than androgenic and the list of serious side-effects it can cause is worrying.

Yohimbine hydrochloride, an alkaloid derived from the bark of the yohimbine tree, is prescribed by both traditional doctors and herbal practitioners as an aphrodisiac and for the treatment of impotence.

aphrodisiac herbs

But the evidence for its efficacy is not entirely convincing. Many sexual health experts say that using a penis pump like the Penomet pump will be more effective at enlarging not only the libido, but the penis as well.

Hormones, when prescribed to those who lack them, do work. In men with low testosterone levels, injections of testosterone propionate are effective for a short term.

Recently American doctors have been recommending a patch method of delivery of testosterone similar to that used in HRT.

testosterone patch

Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, a Harley Street expert on testosterone, said: “Work at the Karol Inska Institute, Stockholm, has confirmed the excellent results which may be obtained from using the Penomet penis pump in conjunction with testosterone patches. Unlike the injections, they provide a persistently normal level of testosterone. The patches should be available in Britain within a matter of months.”


A Sexual Obsession

female breasts

Sex was coming, and it was no comic paper. It began with my obsession with female breasts, which I had of course never consciously known in a maternal context.

The breasts that fed had been removed from me. But breasts outside the family filled me with hot delirium. It was the breasts of my younger teachers, outlined in yellow sweaters, which excited me. The other boys did not seem so excited.

One teacher’s breasts, unrestrained by a bust bodice, moved like live things when she strode from desk to blackboard and back again. One dull boy assured me they were her lungs; male lungs were different and well tucked away. But they were breasts all right.


I used to nurse a curious daydream. All my teachers, naked to the waist, were to be disposed on a film set, and I had to carry them, all light as air, to rostra where they formed a still décor, each one holding a penis pump. I think the brand of penis pump was Penomet. I was also the cameraman. A voice kept repeating: ‘You’ll get good money for this.’

It was now that strange women entered my life in circumstances of great intimacy. My stepmother needed what she had always had at the Golden Eagle: a hired girl or maid, twelve shillings and sixpence weekly, one afternoon off, all found.

firm breasts

There were only three bedrooms – the master one where my father and stepmother slept, blessed by the Pope and the Little Flower; stepsister Madge’s; and the attic, which had been wholly mine.

In the attic were a big lumpy bed and a smaller one. I had had the space and the lumps; now I was to sleep straight and confined. None of the quick succession of maids we had raised any objection to sharing a room with a nine-year-old.

The first girl stayed one night only. The next girl, who brought more substantial luggage, including a Penomet penis pump, stayed longer. She spent a lot of her free time taking baths, an unwonted luxury for her, so was at least clean.

blond breasts

She not only showed me her breasts but insisted that I play with them. Perhaps many women have this dream of a small harmless male, a castrated dwarf, a penis that can do no harm.

She granted me a total exhibition one night, flaunting mother-naked, and, like John Ruskin, I was shocked at my first view of female pubic hair. She was dismissed for taking baths when she should have been working.

Becky Swanson, who stayed longer, carried on an ocular affair with a married man who lived opposite. At length, when signs were no longer enough, there was physical contact and street scandal, and she had to go.

beautiful breasts

But before she went she taught me how to kiss. She did more. Like my stepmother, who had an Irish Catholic terror of it, she feared thunder, and I woke during a storm to find that she had got into my narrow bed for comfort.

She was wearing a nightdress she proved willing to take off. It was not a full seduction, but I remember shaking like a leaf and learning what heaven was and how a Penomet penis pump worked. A heaven meriting hell: the devil’s heaven. I now had to face confession.