How to Get Permanent Gains from Pumping

Penis pumps have been around since the 1870’s. Since then, men have used them to make their penis larger. But this increase in size was only temporary. There was no such thing as permanent gains from pumping. Until 2013.

That’s when a new type of penis pump became available—the Penomet. This new pump differs from older-style pumps in three main ways:

• It allows men to have precise control over the amount of pressure exerted on the penis.

• It uses water to create the vacuum, not air, which means the pressure is uniform and consistent.

• It gives men permanent gains in size, both in length and width.

The main reason the gains in size are permanent is because the Penomet is safe enough to be used every day.

When you pump every day using a strong, but safe, amount of pressure, your penile tissue gets repeatedly stretched. When this happens often enough, the tissue expands and stays that way permanently.

People have elongated their ears, necks, lips, and other parts of their body using a similar kind of stretching technique. Well, it works for the penis as well!

These gains in penis size are not immediate. You will have to use the Penomet for at least two months before you start seeing results.

Ultimately, it is not uncommon for men to gain two inches in length—but that’s after a year of pumping. Most men are more than happy to exert that kind of effort to achieve a significantly bigger penis!

Older penis pumps could sometimes damage the penis because men would use too much pressure when pumping. However, you absolutely do not have to worry about this when using the Penomet.

Penomet comes with a series of colored “gaiters”, which are rubber rings that you attach to the pump. These rings determine how much pressure you’ll be using during your pumping session.

You’re always in complete control of the pressure when you pump, which is something that is unique to this product.

Penomet comes with a detailed exercise plan. This plan tells you which gaiters to use, when to pump, and how long to pump in order to achieve maximum, permanent gains. No other penis pump does this.

The fact that this product is also water-based is very important. Air-based pumps often apply an uneven pressure around the penis, so the resulting erection might be a little misshapen.

Water, on the other hand, applies a very even and uniform pressure, so every part of your penis experiences exactly the same amount of pressure when you’re pumping. Your penis will get larger proportionally.

The design of this pump is so revolutionary that it won Best New Product at the Venus Awards in Berlin when it first appeared. The Venus Awards are like the Oscars for sex toys and other X-rated products.

Most men aren’t aware that their penis can be permanently enlarged without surgery. If you want to make your penis bigger naturally, then the Penomet pump is definitely the safest and most effective product you can buy today.

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