Penomet Instructions to Enlarge Your Penis

Making your penis bigger with the Penomet can take a little time and effort, but the instructions are fairly simple. If you follow them properly you should see some very satisfying results.

When you purchase a Penomet (sold only at you’ll receive a digital exercise handbook, as well as a booklet with printed instructions. These are included with every package.

Basically, here’s what the instructions say:

1) Warm up your genital area with some hot water. This will “loosen things up” and make it easier to create a tight vacuum with the pump. The Penomet is best used in the shower or bathtub. It’s a hydropump, which means it uses water to create its vacuum (instead of air).

2) Choose a gaitor to pump with. If you’re a beginner start with the purple gaiter, which creates the least amount of pressure. As you get used to pumping, you can use gaiters that create more pressure. The goal is to work up to the red “extreme force” gaiter. This is when you’re really going to get some great results.

3) Attach the gaiter to the Penomet. Start pumping. You will feel a gentle pull on your penis. You might need to re-pump a few times to keep up the pressure. Do this for 15-20 minutes.

4) When you’re finished, press the release valve. This releases the pressure and you can remove the Penomet.

But how do you know which gaiters to use, and when? And do you pump every single day, or less than that?

Don’t worry. It’s all clearly spelled out in the instructions. For example, here’s the pumping schedule you should follow:

Penomet Instructions
Penomet Instructions Two

The key to using the Penomet is to follow the instructions and stick to the routine. The beginning is the hardest part. You might be tempted to give up. Don’t!

Like any kind of workout, or diet, following the Penomet exercise routine takes time and patience. You’re not going to see results overnight. But they’ll come eventually, especially when you switch to higher-pressure gaiters.

Once you start to see results it gets much easier. Just remember your goal is to achieve a significantly bigger penis. It really is possible to do this, and believe me, it’s a game-changer. It’s worth the effort.

If you’re worried that you might buy the Penomet only to find out that you don’t like pumping, or don’t have the time for it, or for whatever reason—you can return it and get a full refund. As long as it’s within 60 days.

That’s a pretty good deal and a nice guarantee that you won’t be wasting your money.

The actual instructions you’ll receive are a little more detailed than what I’ve written here. But you should get the general idea.

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