How Many Inches Can a Woman Feel?

A woman with a large vagina has encountered men whose penises are too small to satisfy her sexually, but she has never come up with a method to divine penis size without direct examination. Here’s her story:

The other day I told my boyfriend that he had a really big penis. I asked him if he knew he had a really big penis; I had a feeling he didn’t know this and I thought he should, because it’s really big. It’s the biggest one I’ve come across, except for one on a man who was 6′ 7″. His was too big even for me. I am not insinuating that height has anything to do with big penises though. I’ve tried out all sorts of theories on how to tell how big a man’s penis is and none of them worked. I tried a correlation with foot size. I worked for a long time on big noses. But just one exception comes along, and it blows the whole thing. Finally I resorted to dowsing with a pendulum. I set up a scale from one to ten, drawn on a half-circle. I dowsed a known entity and worked it out from there. I was perfectly accurate until I met my boyfriend. I dowsed him as only a five, which is passable (a seven is desirable). The first time I slept with him I was really shocked because I was expecting a five and he is definitely off the scale.

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Until I discovered that dowsing wasn’t any better than looking at noses, I thought it was a terrific idea: I would never have to be in the embarrassing and disappointing situation of being in bed with a guy I really like and then discovering that his penis is too small for me.

Before you decide that I’m a completely phallic-obsessive asshole, let me explain where I’m coming from. I have a big vagina and it’s not that much fun to fuck someone with a small penis. I love lovemaking and everything that goes with it, especially the energy, the orgasm part of it, but I have to admit: I need to have my itch scratched now and then, often if possible. I had a lover who really turned me on. Just lying together and kissing blew our brains out. But I couldn’t feel anything when we fucked. He kept saying he couldn’t get any traction but I don’t think he figured it out. I didn’t tell him.

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Back to my boyfriend: when I asked him about his big penis he said that all men have the same size penis. He read that in a medical book. I screamed with laughter. Wouldn’t you know it? The medical priests set their own minds at ease. I used to hang out with ex-convict, recovering-drug-addict types; they talked a lot about feeling inadequate because they thought their penises were too small. So maybe the belief system depends on class. They also talked about their yearning for tiny twats so I guess they knew about differences in vagina sizes. But I talk to a lot of women about sex and never once has anyone mentioned this problem.

I think the normal people, those with big penises and little vaginas, never give it a thought. But it’s hell for the rest of us.

My boyfriend said he slept with one woman whose vagina felt like a ballroom he could waltz around in. Otherwise he thought they are all the same. He said a man could always rub his penis along the side of the vagina which is probably true but that wouldn’t solve the woman’s problem.

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I remember being given the facts of life in fifth grade. I was stunned that they were doing this in school. It was 1957, for godsake. I wouldn’t have asked a question for anything in the world. But there was a boy, a tough, scary boy named Arthur, who asked the question: “What if it doesn’t fit?” The answer was, “It always fits.” This interchange is my isolated memory of the event; even then I knew the propaganda was suspect. I certainly saw Arthur in a different light though. Suddenly he looked harmless and innocent to me.

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