The Penomet Penis Pump

Penomet Pump

Penomet is a penis pump that first appeared in 2013.

Unique features include adjustable settings, a water-based vacuum, and detailed exercise routine designed to permanently enlarge the penis.

Penomet won Best New Product at the 2013 Venus Awards in Berlin, Germany. It is the only penis pump to have a CE marking and SGS certification.

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A Brief History of Penis Pumps

Penis pumps were invented a long time ago, back in the 1870’s.

The original penis pump was designed by an American doctor to help men overcome “erectile insufficiency”. And it was pretty effective.

old penis pump

In order to get an erection, men would insert their penis into a sealed cylindrical tube. A pump attached to the tube was then pressed repeatedly.

The pump sucked air out of the tube, creating a vacuum. The vacuum drew blood into the penis, and an erection occurred.

Before removing the tube, a rubber band was placed around the base of the penis to prevent blood from escaping. The tube was then removed, leaving an erect penis that would last long enough for intercourse.

austin powers

Penis pumps didn’t really become popular until the 1960’s, during the sexual revolution. People started experimenting more with sex toys, including penis pumps.

But, despite improvements in design and materials, the modern penis pump worked just like the original.

The Problems with Penis Pumps

Yes, penis pumps could create erections, but there were three major problems with the way they were designed.

surprised woman

1) There was no way to measure the pressure created by pumping. Men would often pump too vigorously, causing bruising and swelling of the penis. It was almost impossible to use a penis pump every day without straining, and damaging, the penis.

2) The pumping of air created an inconsistent vacuum surrounding the penis. This uneven pressure often resulted in an erection that was misshapen.

3) The results achieved by penis pumps were temporary. Yes, they could help men achieve an erection long enough for intercourse, but that was it.

Given these limitations, the idea of using a penis pump every day to permanently enlarge the penis simply wasn’t realistic.

And that’s where things stood, until 2013.

The Penomet Revolution

When Penomet hit the market in 2013, it represented the greatest advance in technology and design the penis pump had seen in 140 years.

Using the Penomet, men could finally:

Adjust and control the amount of pressure

Create a perfectly even and consistent vacuum

Permanently enlarge the penis

The Penomet is still considered by industry leaders to be the most innovative, effective, and safest penis pump ever invented.

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Let’s take a closer look at exactly how the Penomet achieved these results.

The Penomet Gaitor System

When you purchase the Penomet pump, you also receive a series of colored rubber rings that you attach to the pump itself. These rubber rings are called gaitors.

Penomet gaitors

Gaitors allow men to pre-select the amount of pressure they want to use during an individual session.

Each gaitor has a color, and each color represents a difference pressure force, from the lowest, Force 60 (purple), to the highest, Force 80 (red).

These colored gaitors make Penomet the only fully adjustable, and safest, penis pump on the market today.

Penomet Uses Water Instead of Air

This is how the makers of Penomet solved the 2nd biggest problem men faced when using a penis pump: uneven pressure surrounding the penis, often resulting in misshapen erections.

Penomet fixed this problem by using water instead of air to create a vacuum. This means that:

• The vacuum is much more even and consistent
• The penis will enlarge equally and proportionally
• The Penomet is meant to be used in the shower or bath

But you can still use the Penomet with air if you wish. It’s up to you, although water will provide better results.

If this is hard to visualize, here’s a short animated video showing you how to use the Penomet pump:

Why Are The Results Permanent?

The revolutionary design of the Penomet means that you can now safely pump every day. And using water instead of air to create a vacuum ensures that your penis will enlarge proportionally.

But how does Penomet enlarge your penis—permanently?

Because if you apply enough pressure to the penis, every day and over a period of time, the penis will literally stretch and grow.

ear lobe stretching

If this sounds far-fetched, think about how today’s young people will often stretch their ear lobes with piercings. According to Wikipedia:

“Many young, western people adopted the practice of stretching ear lobes in order to stand out and look different in society. This seems to give the impression that this is a modern practice, although it is not. Ear stretching is a ritual that has been practiced by people all over the world from ancient times.”

Not only did ancient people stretch their ear lobes, but they also stretched their lips, tongues, necks….and yes, even their penises.

Penis Enlargement The Old-Fashioned Way

Penis enlargement is not a new concept. Turns out that even ancient people (well, men) desired a bigger penis just like you!

How did they make their penises bigger? They used a technique called jelqing.


Jelqing uses the index finger and thumb to grasp and pull upwards on your penis—again and again and again.

It takes a really long time to see results with jelqing, but ancient tribes had time on their hands, so to speak.

The good news is, you don’t have to jelq anymore. You can use the Penomet pump and get much better results in far less time.

But the concept remains the same. Applying constant and sustained pressure over time to your penis really can make it bigger.

The Penomet Exercise Plan

When using the Penomet, how are you supposed to know:

Penomet exercise plan

1) Which gaitors to use?
2) When to pump?
3) How long to pump?

Don’t worry. When you purchase Penomet, you get a detailed exercise plan that was created solely for the purpose of safe, efficient penis enlargement.

There’s no guesswork involved. The exercise plan tells you exactly what to do. If you follow this plan carefully you should see results.

The Penomet is Award-Winning

When the Penomet first appeared it created quite a stir in the sex toy industry. In fact, it won Best New Product at the 2013 Venus Awards in Berlin, Germany.

Venus Awards

What are the Venus Awards? They’re sort of the like the Oscars for sex films and products.

It’s been held every year in Berlin since 1997 and it attracts about 40,000 people annually.

It’s nice to know that people are keeping on top of this kind of stuff.

My Own Personal Results

I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to penis pumps. So the first time I tried Penomet I found the whole thing a little awkward.

After a couple of days I got used to pumping. The Penomet really is incredibly simple to use.

Now, my penis is, uh, fairly average in size. And I wasn’t really interested in seeing if I could add 2-3 inches. Not right away at least.

I just wanted to see if Penomet worked at all. So I followed the exercise plan and pumped for about a month….

my personal results

Well, my penis grew about half-an-inch! Maybe more. It felt a bit thicker too.

Half-an-inch doesn’t sound like much but I only used the Penomet for one month. And if your penis is 5 inches then half-an-inch represents a 10% growth.

I stopped pumping after a month. I felt that I had proved that the Penomet pump does indeed work exactly as advertised.

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Do You Really Need a Bigger Dick?

Let’s take a step back for a second.

Why do you want to enlarge your penis in the first place? Do women really prefer bigger penises?

This debate—does size really matter?—has been going on for a long time.

Big Dick

I think it’s fair to say that, generally speaking, a bigger penis is indeed better. Up to a point.

But this question leads to a couple of important considerations….

Penomet Negatives

Nothing is perfect, and while Penomet has a lot of impressive features, it also has a couple of negatives you should be aware of before you spend your money.

game guy

In fact, the first thing to consider is: MONEY.

The Penomet costs between $127 – $297, depending on which package you buy.

It’s expensive because it’s made with high-quality materials. And penis pumps aren’t as mass-produced as many other products.

Think about it. Perhaps your money would be better spent on something else—like your electric bill. In the grand scheme of things, a bigger penis really isn’t the most important thing in the world.

However, if you are going to spend money trying to enlarge your penis, buy the Penomet.

penis enlargement pills

Do not spend your money on penis enlargement pills. Any pill that claims to make your penis bigger is a scam.

The only other penis enlargement product that actually works is called a penis extender.

An extender is a device that you attach to your penis. It gently, and constantly, pulls and stretches your penis.

penis extender

The concept is very much the same as penis pumps and jelqing.

The problem with an extender is that you have to wear it for many hours a day, for months, to see results. Only die-hards are willing to do that.

Penomet is much more comfortable and simpler to use than a penis extender.

thin line


The next big consideration when thinking about buying the Penomet is: TIME.

It takes far less time to enlarge your penis using Penomet compared to a penis extender (or jelqing!). But there is still a time commitment.

Sure, it’s “only” 15 minutes a day. But that adds up. Maybe you’re better off trying to lose weight, or making more money, or working on your personality.

We’re all busy people. And committing 15 minutes a day to penis enlargement isn’t as easy as it sounds. A lot of people skip a day here and there, they don’t see instant results, and they give up.

So if you’re going to buy the Penomet you need to spend some money and time if you want to see real results.

Final Thoughts

highly recommended

I honestly can’t think of another male enhancement product I’d recommend more than Penomet. It’s beautifully designed. It’s well-made. And it works.

The official Penomet website is professional, informative, and clearly written.

Because the Penomet worked for me I didn’t need to return it and ask for a full refund. But there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I firmly believe that there are many things we can do to improve our sex lives. Nobody should ever settle for less than satisfactory sex!

If there’s any chance that using the Penomet penis pump will give you more confidence, give you more pleasure, and give your partner more pleasure, then by all means—go for it!

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Lessons on How to Use Penomet

A New Approach to Sex Education

sex ed

Should learning how to use the Penomet penis pump be part of sex education classes? Some people think so. Read on to find out more…

Four weeks into the new term, the nights are drawing in, there is no gas to go anywhere and a headmaster’s thoughts inevitably turn to sex, specifically to sex education.

ceramic penis

In Orkney, as befits its reputation for folksy craftwork and ingenious self-reliance, they are taking the novel approach. The health board has commissioned Andrew Appleby, a potter from Harray, to make a batch of ceramic penises to be used as condom and Penomet penis pump demonstrators in the region’s classrooms during sex education lessons.

“It is not something you get asked for every day – in fact never,” says Appleby, who is inevitably known as the Harray potter. “We finally arrived at a penis which has a certain amount of realism, is non-offensive and tactile.” No mean achievement in anybody’s book.

Who’s Responsibility Is It?

sex education youre teaching

On the mainland, things are more conventional. Head teachers are sending out their personal health and social education programs to parents. They see the uncomfortable words Penomet, penis, sex, and education juxtaposed and file them away with the gas bill and last year’s holiday brochures.

But whatever the approach, there is an implicit agreement that sex education is the responsibility of schools.

uncomfortable talking about sex

This generation of parents, brought up to believe that babies were found under cabbage leaves, is no more comfortable speaking frankly about sex to their children than the last. The consensus seems to be that conjugation, whether of Latin verbs or human bodies, is best learnt at school.

But squeezing in a half-hour lesson in contraception and how to use Penomet penis pumps between double math and playtime is not good enough. It is also not working.

Alarming Statistics on Sexually Active Teenagers

Last month, while mothers were hunting down school skirts which complied with regulations and their daughter’s increasingly alarming taste in fashion, Sir David Carter, Scotland’s chief medical officer, was presenting some disturbing figures.

By the age of 15, 35% of Scots girls and 30% of boys are sexually active. Many go on to regret this precocity, particularly when the teenage pregnancy rate is one of the highest in Europe and a quarter of all sexually transmitted diseases are contracted by girls aged 15 to 19.

sexually active teenagers

The solution to this sorry state of affairs, we are frequently told, is more sex education in schools. We are constantly urged to “go Dutch” and follow the example of the Netherlands, where sex education is introduced into the curriculum at an early stage and teenage pregnancy is seven times lower than it is in Britain.

A Different Approach to Sex Education

Of course schools have a role to play, but this is only half the story. Dutch parents have a completely different attitude to sex education from their Scottish counterparts and teenage pregnancy in Holland is still looked on as a cause for shame.

talk about sex

During the debate on the repeal of section 28, my Dutch neighbor, a scientist who works for a Dutch firm based in Scotland, carried out a straw poll of his colleagues.

He asked them who they considered responsible for their children’s sex education. The Scots unanimously said school. The Dutch replied that they were. Not, perhaps the most reliable research, but a telling insight.

Start at

Talking About Sex and the Penomet Pump

Attitudes Towards Sex Education Vary Geographically

Is it acceptable to talk about sex and how to use the Penomet penis pump to young people? It all depends on what country you’re in.

sex education around the world

According to a recent poll, while the vast majority of parents believe they should talk to their children about sex, about half of them fail to do so because they are embarrassed.

My neighbor expressed his horror that so many parents were so willing to abnegate such an important responsibility and one with such far-reaching consequences. “It’s not like they have to discuss the pros and cons of the Penomet penis pump”, he said.

kid and parent talking about sex

And even the best school is unlikely to address the questions that really matter to children. Their concerns about sex are much deeper and much less predictable than adults usually realize.

How Young Is “Too Young”?

A six-year-old may take the reproductive side of things in her stride, but be genuinely horrified that babies are born naked. A 12-year-old au fait with the technical aspects of sex and the Penomet pump can be completely flummoxed by the idea of the social and emotional consequences.

talk children sex

It takes an approachable and reassuring parent with a sense of humor, not a harassed teacher facing a class of 30, to help a child negotiate this minefield.

Parents who leave sex education until a teenager’s 15th birthday and then address the issue in an embarrassed lecture accompanied by a health education board pamphlet about the Penomet penis pump are also failing their children.

Continuous Open Dialogue is a Must

It is only in the context of an ongoing and open dialogue between parents and children over a long period of time that the myths and hang-ups are ironed out and a responsible attitude to sex within a moral framework is established.

talking about sex

Nobody wants to produce a generation of five-year-olds with sexual knowledge far beyond their years, but addressing issues from a very young age, as and when they arise, can only be beneficial.

Small children’s questions are usually answered fairly simply without the need to overburden them with detail. It doesn’t have to be a traumatic or an embarrassing experience.

What Does the Evidence Say?

There is evidence that this approach works. A study by the center of sexual health at Southampton University earlier this year, analyzed how parental attitudes influence the age at which children have sex.

mother daughter

The study discovered that
• The children of parents with a laissez-faire attitude to sex education were sexually active youngest.
• Those whose parents talked to them about sex and Penomet, emphasizing social values and respect for other people, tended to become sexually active later.

The message is clear. If parents take responsibility for their children’s sex education now, they will inevitably produce a more responsible generation. For those who find this prospect alarming, all it takes is a little Dutch courage.

What are Sexual Aphrodisiacs?

Are Amphetamines Worth Trying?

captagon tablets

Four Turkish drug smugglers have recently been publicly beheaded in Saudi Arabia for trading in Captagon tablets. Captagon is an amphetamine and is to many Arabs what powdered rhinoceros horn, seals’ penises, or tiger testes are to the Far Eastern market–-a potent aphrodisiac. Seventy other Turks have been also arrested.

The irony is that it is unlikely that Captagon, which is unobtainable in Britain, has any greater aphrodisiac power than other amphetamines.

Because of the potentially serious side-effects of amphetamines, and as a result of the frequency with which these drugs were abused, their medical use is now very restricted. Amphetamines are only regularly prescribed for:
• Those who suffer narcolepsy
• Those who have an abnormal and irresistible desire to sleep
• The treatment, paradoxically, of overactive children

sex on drugs

Amphetamines are central nervous system stimulants; those who take them become fast talking, elated, lose their shyness and may notice that their libido (sexual drive) has changed to a greater extent than could be explained solely by the loss of inhibitions.

However amphetamines, like alcohol, may increase desire but decrease ability and thus are often associated with impotence.

The Search for The Perfect Aphrodisiac

rhinoceros horn

The search for aphrodisiacs is as old as history. If aphrodisiacs, like rhinoceros horn, work it can only be because of the confidence inspired by their visual image.

Even penis pumps, such as the Penomet pump, look like penises. The same subconscious association presumably accounts for the reputation of food such as oysters, shellfish or asparagus.

Traditionally, coriander and other herbs and plants, including garlic and onion, are regarded as having an aphrodisiac action.

It is possible that garlic and onion may be of some benefit; garlic can create a sense of wellbeing, and onions were used to treat genito-urinary diseases.

Ginseng, the dried root of the plant Panax ginseng, has a reputation as a tonic, antidepressant and sexual restorative but chemically its action is more oestrogenic than androgenic and the list of serious side-effects it can cause is worrying.

Yohimbine hydrochloride, an alkaloid derived from the bark of the yohimbine tree, is prescribed by both traditional doctors and herbal practitioners as an aphrodisiac and for the treatment of impotence.

Do Aphrodisiacs Really Work?

aphrodisiac herbs

But the evidence for its efficacy is not entirely convincing. Many sexual health experts say that using a penis pump like the Penomet pump will be more effective at enlarging not only the libido, but the penis as well.

Hormones, when prescribed to those who lack them, do work. In men with low testosterone levels, injections of testosterone propionate are effective for a short term.

The Testosterone Patch

Recently American doctors have been recommending a patch method of delivery of testosterone similar to that used in HRT.

testosterone patch

Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, a Harley Street expert on testosterone, said: “Work at the Karol Inska Institute, Stockholm, has confirmed the excellent results which may be obtained from using the Penomet penis pump in conjunction with testosterone patches. Unlike the injections, they provide a persistently normal level of testosterone. The patches should be available in Britain within a matter of months.”

A Sexual Obsession

My Love Affair with Breasts

female breasts

Sex was coming, and it was no comic paper. It began with my obsession with female breasts, which I had of course never consciously known in a maternal context.

The breasts that fed had been removed from me. But breasts outside the family filled me with hot delirium.

It was the breasts of my younger teachers, outlined in yellow sweaters, which excited me. The other boys did not seem so excited.

One teacher’s breasts, unrestrained by a bust bodice, moved like live things when she strode from desk to blackboard and back again. One dull boy assured me they were her lungs; male lungs were different and well tucked away. But they were breasts all right.


I used to nurse a curious daydream. All my teachers, naked to the waist, were to be disposed on a film set, and I had to carry them, all light as air, to rostra where they formed a still décor, each one holding a penis pump. I think the brand of penis pump was Penomet.

I was also the cameraman. A voice kept repeating: ‘You’ll get good money for this.’

Strange Women Enter My Life

It was now that strange women entered my life in circumstances of great intimacy. My stepmother needed what she had always had at the Golden Eagle: a hired girl or maid, twelve shillings and sixpence weekly, one afternoon off, all found.

firm breasts

There were only three bedrooms – the master one where my father and stepmother slept, blessed by the Pope and the Little Flower; stepsister Madge’s; and the attic, which had been wholly mine.

In the attic were a big lumpy bed and a smaller one. I had had the space and the lumps; now I was to sleep straight and confined.

None of the quick succession of maids we had raised any objection to sharing a room with a nine-year-old.

The Bather

The first girl stayed one night only. The next girl, who brought more substantial luggage, including a Penomet penis pump, stayed longer. She spent a lot of her free time taking baths, an unwonted luxury for her, so was at least clean.

blond breasts

She not only showed me her breasts but insisted that I play with them. Perhaps many women have this dream of a small harmless male, a castrated dwarf, a penis that can do no harm.

She granted me a total exhibition one night, flaunting mother-naked, and, like John Ruskin, I was shocked at my first view of female pubic hair. She was dismissed for taking baths when she should have been working.

Scared of Thunder

Becky Swanson, who stayed longer, carried on an ocular affair with a married man who lived opposite. At length, when signs were no longer enough, there was physical contact and street scandal, and she had to go.

beautiful breasts

But before she went she taught me how to kiss. She did more. Like my stepmother, who had an Irish Catholic terror of it, she feared thunder, and I woke during a storm to find that she had got into my narrow bed for comfort.

She was wearing a nightdress she proved willing to take off. It was not a full seduction, but I remember shaking like a leaf and learning what heaven was and how a Penomet penis pump worked.

A heaven meriting hell: the devil’s heaven. I now had to face confession.