What is the Penomet Penis Pump?

The Penomet pump is an award-winning penis enlargement device that I found very simple to use.

It works by creating a vacuum around the penis. This vacuum basically sucks on your penis, drawing blood into it. An erection is basically your penis filling with blood, so using the Penomet will make your penis bigger and harder.

I’ve tried other penis pumps, but Penomet is unique. It employs a revolutionary new design that makes it the most powerful and effective pump you can buy today.

Penomet Is Also The Safest Penis Pump

When used excessively and incorrectly, penis pumps may damage the tissue in your penis.

I totally understand that this scares a lot of people off from using penis pumps. But Penomet is the safest penis pump ever designed, which is a major part of its appeal.

The Penomet pump features an innovative and unique “Gaitor System” that allows you to slowly increase the amount of pressure used to enlarge your penis. You never have to worry about using too much pressure!

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What are the famous Penomet gaitors? These are rubber rings that you attach to the pump itself.

Each ring represents a certain amount of pressure. Most pumps have only one gaitor. Penomet comes with five gaitors.

The great thing about these rings is that you’ll always know exactly how much pressure you’re using. This is extremely important when pumping.

Too many men use pumps without knowing the pressure. Pumping with too much pressure for long periods is what leads to tissue damage.

penis pump rings

Penomet Uses Water — Not Air!

Another revolutionary feature of the Penomet pump is that it uses water instead of air to create a vacuum. Water is both safer and more effective than air.

Air can result in uneven pressure. By using water, the Penomet pump provides an equal amount of pressure throughout the cylinder.

The result is a pump that has been designed to maximize effectiveness, safety, and comfort.

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Are The Results Permanent?

The two most popular questions about the Penomet pump are, “Can it really make my penis bigger permanently?” and “Is it safe to use?”

We’ve already seen that Penomet is extremely safe. As for size, there’s no question that Penomet will increase the size of your penis right after pumping. No doubt about that.

But does using the Penomet lead to permanent gains in penis length and/or girth? The answer is yes, but the key to making those gains last is to follow an exercise routine.

Basically you should use the pump for about 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, slowly increasing the pressure.

Unlike most penis pumps, Penomet comes with a detailed exercise plan so you’ll know exactly how to use the pump and what you should do with it.

If you do everything you’re supposed to, you will see some amazing results over time. Look at this:

penomet results

What does it feel like after you’ve been using the Penomet for a few months? Well, here’s a pretty heartfelt testimonial from one user:

“Penomet will definitely elicit a few OMG’s in bed. Don’t believe it when women say ‘size doesn’t matter’. In less than six months this product made me an inch longer and half an inch thicker. My girl is like ‘OMG you’re so big!’ Last night she caught me around the waist and pulled me deeper into her, yelling; ‘yes, yes, deeper, OMG oooooooh.’ She came like crazy and can now have deep vaginal orgasms again and again. What can I say? Thanks Penomet!”

How Does The Penomet Device Work?

Penis pumps are incredibly simple to use. Here’s how to use the Penomet penis pump:

1) Select a detachable pressure gaitor. When first starting out choose the one with the lowest pressure.

2) Attach the gaitor to the main cylinder.

3) Put the main cylinder over your penis and slowly pump until you feel that there is a vacuum seal. Now you’re ready to pump!

4) Every few minutes pump and re-pump. Do this for 15-20 minutes.

5) That’s pretty much it. When you’re done, you just press the release valve at the end of the pump.

6) After a certain amount of time, if you feel comfortable, you can increase the pressure by changing gaiters.

After pumping for a few weeks you should notice definite gains in the size of your penis.

If you’re serious about trying to make your penis bigger, then a penis pump like Penomet is definitely the way to go. This chart says it all.

Penomet compared

After following a pumping routine for a while, some men see more of an increase in girth, or width, than in length. There’s nothing wrong with that since women report that girth actually gives them more pleasure than length.

Other men report the opposite, and some see increases in both girth and length. No two bodies are the same, and physical reactions to pumping can vary.

Here’s what another Penomet user had to say about his experience with the device:

“I’ve used other penis pumps and I must say that Penomet is superior. It’s more comfortable, it does not take in air or lose pressure, and the release button works great. No water leaks out during use. The results really are really better than the results you’d get with a regular pump.”

penomet penispump

Why Take Risks With Your Penis?

Penomet was tested for over two years before it was released for sale. It is undoubtedly the safest and most effective penis pump available.

One of the men who tested the Penomet had this to say:

“I was actually one of the first people to use this product when it was being developed. I gained quite a bit, not only in length but in width. It really helped my self confidence when it came to sex.”

Penomet is Award-Winning and Certified

venus award

The Penomet penis pump has won numerous awards, including Best New Product at the 2013 Venus Awards (a major adult awards show held in Germany).

It is also the only penis pump to have a CE marking, which means that it complies with all the manufacturing requirements of the European Union.

It has also been awarded certification as an RoHS Class 1 Product, as well as certification from the International Organization of Standardization.

If Penomet Doesn’t Work You Can Get a Full Refund

In the unlikely scenario that you don’t see any gains at all, or just don’t like the product, you can return the Penomet penis pump and get a full refund within 60 days.

That’s a lot of time to decide whether you want to keep it or not. If it works, great. If it doesn’t work you get your money back. There’s really nothing to lose.

Penomet is only available from the Penomet.com website.

Click on the banner below to make your purchase and you’ll be guaranteed eligibility for the 60-day money-back guarantee.



Lessons on How to Use Penomet

Should learning how to use the Penomet penis pump be part of sex education classes? Some people think so. Read on to find out more…

Four weeks into the new term, the nights are drawing in, there is no petrol to go anywhere and a headmaster’s thoughts inevitably turn to sex, specifically to sex education.

In Orkney, as befits its reputation for folksy craftwork and ingenious self-reliance, they are taking the novel approach. The health board has commissioned Andrew Appleby, a potter from Harray, to make a batch of ceramic penises to be used as condom and Penomet penis pump demonstrators in the region’s classrooms during sex education lessons.

sex education

“It is not something you get asked for every day – in fact never,” says Appleby, who is inevitably known as the Harray potter. “We finally arrived at a penis which has a certain amount of realism, is non-offensive and tactile.” No mean achievement in anybody’s book.

On the mainland, things are more conventional. Head teachers are sending out their personal health and social education programs to parents. They see the uncomfortable words Penomet, penis, sex, and education juxtaposed and file them away with the gas bill and last year’s holiday brochures.

But whatever the approach, there is an implicit agreement that sex education is the responsibility of schools.

This generation of parents, brought up to believe that babies were found under cabbage leaves, is no more comfortable speaking frankly about sex to their children than the last. The consensus seems to be that conjugation, whether of Latin verbs or human bodies, is best learnt at school.

sex education youre teaching

But squeezing in a half-hour lesson in contraception and how to use Penomet penis pumps between double math and playtime is not good enough. It is also not working.

Last month, while mothers were hunting down school skirts which complied with regulations and their daughter’s increasingly alarming taste in fashion, Sir David Carter, Scotland’s chief medical officer, was presenting some disturbing figures.

By the age of 15, 35% of Scots girls and 30% of boys are sexually active. Many go on to regret this precocity, particularly when the teenage pregnancy rate is one of the highest in Europe and a quarter of all sexually transmitted diseases are contracted by girls aged 15 to 19.

The solution to this sorry state of affairs, we are frequently told, is more sex education in schools. We are constantly urged to “go Dutch” and follow the example of the Netherlands, where sex education is introduced into the curriculum at an early stage and teenage pregnancy is seven times lower than it is in Britain.

talk about sex

Of course schools have a role to play, but this is only half the story. Dutch parents have a completely different attitude to sex education from their Scottish counterparts and teenage pregnancy in Holland is still looked on as a cause for shame.

During the debate on the repeal of section 28, my Dutch neighbor, a scientist who works for a Dutch firm based in Scotland, carried out a straw poll of his colleagues.

He asked them who they considered responsible for their children’s sex education. The Scots unanimously said school. The Dutch replied that they were. Not, perhaps the most reliable research, but a telling insight.


Talking About Sex and the Penomet Pump

Is it acceptable to talk about sex and how to use the Penomet penis pump to young people? It all depends on what country you’re in.

According to a recent poll, while the vast majority of British parents believe they should talk to their children about sex, about half of them fail to do so because they are embarrassed.

My neighbor expressed his horror that Scottish parents were so willing to abnegate such an important responsibility and one with such far-reaching consequences. It’s not like they have to discuss the pros and cons of the Penomet penis pump, he said.

kid and parent talking about sex

And even the best school is unlikely to address the questions that really matter to children. Their concerns about sex are much deeper and much less predictable than adults usually realize.

A six-year-old may take the reproductive side of things in her stride, but be genuinely horrified that babies are born naked. A 12-year-old au fait with the technical aspects of sex and the Penomet pump can be completely flummoxed by the idea of the social and emotional consequences.

It takes an approachable and reassuring parent with a sense of humor, not a harassed teacher facing a class of 30, to help a child negotiate this minefield.

talk children sex

Parents who leave sex education until a teenager’s 15th birthday and then address the issue in an embarrassed lecture accompanied by a health education board pamphlet about the Penomet penis pump are also failing their children.

It is only in the context of an ongoing and open dialogue between parents and children over a long period of time that the myths and hang-ups are ironed out and a responsible attitude to sex within a moral framework is established.

Nobody wants to produce a generation of five-year-olds with sexual knowledge far beyond their years, but addressing issues from a very young age, as and when they arise, can only be beneficial.

Small children’s questions are usually answered fairly simply without the need to overburden them with detail. It doesn’t have to be a traumatic or an embarrassing experience.

There is evidence that this approach works. A study by the center of sexual health at Southampton University earlier this year, analyzed how parental attitudes influence the age at which children have sex.

The study discovered that the children of parents with a laissez-faire attitude to sex education were sexually active youngest. Those whose parents talked to them about sex and Penomet, emphasizing social values and respect for other people, tended to become sexually active later.

The message is clear. If parents take responsibility for their children’s sex education now, they will inevitably produce a more responsible generation. For those who find this prospect alarming, all it takes is a little Dutch courage.

mother daughter